A Different Kind of

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A Different Kind of Courage is a video and curriculum developed to show service members, veterans, and their families the benefits of mental health treatments.

Real service members share their experiences struggling with common mental health conditions and how they faced those and recovered. This site includes the A Different Kind of Courage video and interactive online tool. The tool is designed to be used with the video, but can be a standalone as well.

A worksheet with your information will be available for you to print or save when you complete your time with us. A Different Kind of Courage is a free resource and we encourage you to use this curriculum in your own life and to share with friends and family.

The Program

Cover photo of the ADKC participant guide

A Different Kind of Courage was developed by the Department of Defense and Screening for Mental Health, Inc. in 2008 as a tool to complement our screening programs, to help address the stigma that exists and put a real face behind not only mental health and resiliency related issues, but also treatment. The curriculum was originally developed for providers to use as part of workshops and awareness events and is built around a 25 minute video and a participant workbook. Over 250,000 copies of the program have been distributed to date and the popularity continues to grow.

For additional resources, we strongly encourage you to consider completing an online mental health self-assessment at afterdeployment.dcoe.mil and to use the resources available on afterdeployment.t2.health.mil and t2.health.mil.

Service members are used to summoning their courage for their missions. Stepping forward to address mental health conditions also requires them to summon courage – A Different Kind of Courage.